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P1010914 smThis is linked to the infrastructure issue which is often raised. There are too many parking pinch points in Whyteleafe. When it was decided to develop the land used for permit parking in Godstone Road, Cllr David Lee was quick to ensure that additional space would be found for permit holders, so as not to make the on-road parking situation any worse. Good work!

But, parking is a difficult one. The Conservative administration has resisted a thorough study on this and we think that would be a good start. One of the issues we would like to explore is the extent to which London exploits Whyteleafe’s Zone 6 status, using it as a car park for commuters. Do we have any leverage that would enable us to get anything from this arrangement? So many of you have identified parking as a problem. Do you have any ideas that will help us to help you with this?

One final thing on this. Many of you have noted that the enforcement of existing parking restrictions is not as tight as it should be. We are going to argue hard for improvements to this.

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Caterham Valley Councillors

David Lee

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David represents Whyteleafe ward on Tandridge District Council and Caterham Valley on Surrey County Council

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Alun represents Valley ward on Tandridge District Council

Dorinda Cooper

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Dorinda represents Valley ward on Tandridge District Council

Jeffrey Gray

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Jeffrey represents Whyteleafe ward on Tandridge District Council

Lib Dem Councillors on Caterham Valley Parish Council

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