Enough is enough. Conservative MPs must stand up against sewage dumping!

We’re calling out Conservative MPs that voted in favour of dumping sewage into rivers.

Rivers should be safe for swimming, fishing and sustaining wildlife. They are a precious source of drinking water for some. So why are they filled with raw sewage and human waste, destroying them for decades to come?

Shockingly, water companies pumped polluting and harmful raw sewage into water sources over 400,000 times last year. The River Trust has revealed that more than half of England’s rivers are currently failing to pass cleanliness tests due to water companies’ actions.

MPs voted on Lords amendments to the new Environment Bill last week. However, many Conservative MPs either didn’t bother to vote or worse, callously voted against an amendment that banned water companies pumping raw sewage into our rivers.

In the week the UK is hosting COP26, this is a huge betrayal of our country's environment, and an even bigger betrayal of local communities. 

Enough is enough. Rivers are polluted daily by water companiesWe need action before it is too late to reverse the damage.

So you know which local MPs support privatised companies more than they support you, here's who voted against this amendment:

Paul Beresford
Conservative - Mole Valley
Crispin Blunt
Conservative - Reigate
Claire Coutinho
Conservative - East Surrey
Mims Davies
Conservative - Mid Sussex
Robert Neill
Conservative - Bromley & Chislehurst
Chris Philp
Conservative - Croydon South
Laura Trott
Conservative - Sevenoaks

There is still a chance. Next week, MPs will have another opportunity to vote to safeguard our rivers next week. 

We are proud to lead the fight to protect our precious rivers. Liberal Democrats have a plan to support our natural environment and tackle the climate crisis, and we won’t stand for the continuing pollution of our precious rivers.


We urge all Conservative MPs to come to their senses and support cleaning up our rivers and protecting our natural environment. 

It is time to do the right thing. 

This is their final chance to save our rivers.

After 20 years of Conservative rule have now finished, Tandridge Council voted to exempt all young people leaving care from paying council tax.
Cllr Jeffrey Gray says, “We tried to get the old Conservative administration to agree to the change, but they flat refused. Last month I spoke privately to the new administration and today we passed a motion to do what we can to help Tandridge’s young people in most need.”

Increase Recycling Centre Open Times...
...and allow walk in rubbish


We demand that Surrey County Council listen to local residents and increase the opening hours of both Warlingham and Caterham Tips and allow local residents to walk their filled wheelbarrows to the tip without needing to use their car!


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Sarah Green and Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats are starting work on dismantling the Blue Wall following on from successful local elections in May.

Sarah Green produced a classic Liberal Democrat by-election win in the Chesham & Amersham constituency, overturning a Conservative majority of 16,223 to win with 56.7% of the vote, a majority of 8,028.

Polling Station banner

Following a flurry of elections on 6 May, the Conservatives are no longer the largest party on Tandridge District Council.

The loss of seats in the south of the district means the Oxted & Limpsfield Residents Group (OLRG) and their alliance of independents are the largest political group with sixteen councillors. The Tories now have fourteen and the Liberal Democrats have nine. The Conservative group has shrunk from 29 councillors in 2000.

Ballot paper

After 21 years of Conservative rule... it's time for change.

Tandridge District Council has been run by a Conservative administration since 2000. They have run out of steam, lost any sense of direction, run down key departments, especially Planning, and came close to bankruptcy last summer.

The Liberal Democrats have driven forward the building of council homes for local people, the development of Quadrant House in Caterham - supporting local business and employment and worked hard to secure proper parking enforcement. They successfully declared a Climate Emergency and action plan.

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