perry chotaiPerry Chotai is standing for election for the Oxted division on Surrey County CouncilProfessionally, Perry Chotai is a retired Director at a Pharmaceutical Company.

Perry says, “I think my professional experience will help me as a councillor because of my leadership and ability to negotiate and represent the needs of my area at the council."

He likes to help out at the local library as an IT buddy to seniors who would like to gain freedom and learn how to use information technology to make their lives easier.

Perry thinks one of the most important issues in Oxted is the local plan and preservation of the greenbelt versus housing and is committed to working with local people to find a solution. More widely, Perry will be campaigning hard to stabilise the Council’s finances and leadership.

He says “I want to be a councillor because I am passionate about getting the best services for the citizens in my division at a cost effective price.

“I believe Local Lib Dem councilors work hard for their communities, getting things done and listening to local concerns and standing up for residents and the services they need.”