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IMG 0659Surrey's shambolic and secretive Tories  has been accused  of agreeing a "sweetheart deal" with Tory Ministers to ensure the Conservative-controlled council dropped plans to raise council tax by up to 15% at today's PMQs. Text messages have been discovered between the Tory leader Hodge and the local government minister.

Tim Farron tweeted after seeing the texts "It might not be a sweetheart deal but it looks like a secret one. We have a social care crisis & every council now must have the same offer"

Cllr Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrat County Councillors in Surrey, said today:

"The text messages sent by the Leader of the Council, referred to in PMQs today, mention "numbers", "proposals" and "killing off the R [referendum]" - but none of this information was shared with Surrey County Councillors at our budget meeting yesterday.

"We need to know the precise details of what Surrey has been offered. The culture of secrecy that the Conservatives thrive upon at County Hall must end now. I am calling for the full release to county councillors of any deal agreed between the Leader of the Council and the government. We are facing £93m of cuts and a £30m black hole in the next financial year - it is the Leader of the Council's job to tell us where the money will come from to avoid these damaging cuts. Why can't he come clean with councillors and Surrey residents and tell us the facts?"

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