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alunCllr Alun Jones for Caterham Valley writes:

This week I have been accused of scaremongering and it then culminated in me being accused of lying. So tonight I asked the following question below at full council regarding Tillingdown and Timber Hill parks in the hope we would get clarity. Unfortunately there was no guarantee. There was acceptance that difficult choices do need to be made in the future, and a number of well meaning councillors did speak in support, but they were not in a position to guarantee in the meeting and that it is for discussions in the various committees. I will keep chasing for those guarantees.

"Whilst I welcome the removal of Tillingdown from the current cycle of consultation, I fear this may not be the end of the storey. In the same meeting it was agreed by the Resources Committee that as part of the medium term financial strategy part of the plan to fill the £1m funding gap is with amongst other things, asset sales. So what I seek is clarity.
Tillingdown is still an asset. Will the chair of the Resources Committee guarantee to me and the residents who enjoy the park that whatever happens in the future there is a clear undertaking that the whole of the site will be maintained as an open green space for the people of Caterham to fully access and enjoy in perpetuity?
Secondly can you be clear that whatever happens to Timber Hill either as part of the Masterplan or as any future choices the Resources committee make there is an guarantee that the whole site will also be maintained in its entirety as an open green space for the people of Caterham to fully access and enjoy in perpetuity?"

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