Many Brexiteers knew they were against the EU - but appear to have little idea of what they are actually for

brexitmarrshowUkip’s Nigel Farage predicted that there would be unrest on the streets against an establishment stitch-up. Michael Gove shrieked in the House of Commons yesterday that the will of the people is being thwarted. David Davis spluttered that Lloyd-George would be spinning in his grave if peers were allowed to stand in the way of the people.
The favoured plot in the fevered imaginations of these over-excitable Brexiteers — egged on by splenetic headlines in the Right-wing press — is that Lib-Dem peers in the House of Lords are planning to vote en masse against Article 50.

eu belongs to the ukAs the pound crashes, inflation start to increase and many firms plan to move operations abroad, the consequences of the vote to Leave the EU are beginning to emerge. No wonder millions of people are worried about what the future holds.

EU-UK-flagFormer Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has his party will try to amend legislation before Article 50 is triggered so the British public has a say on the final Brexit deal.

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Clegg said he would seek to amend the law to be brought forward by the government as a result of the recent High Court Brexit ruling to ensure that a "soft" rather than a "hard" EU departure is pursued.

HIGH-COURT-1The High Court ruled that the Prime Minister cannot give notice of intention to withdraw from the European Union (“activate Article 50”) without reference to Parliament.

Social media has exploded and the right wing press have gone mad with comment about this. A lot of it is inaccurate and gets wrong why the court had ruled as it has and what are the practical implications of the ruling, which will be appealed to the Supreme Court in December.

eu flaggProtection of rights for EU citizens and UK citizens
Those who have made the United Kingdom their home should be allowed to stay. We will seek to secure the same for UK citizens living in European Union countries.

Freedom of Movement and the Single Market
Any deal negotiated for the United Kingdom outside the European Union must include membership of the Single Market and protect freedom of movement.

Maintaining environmental standards
We have a duty to future generations to protect our environment and tackle climate change. We will ensure that everything is done to maintain those high standards in UK law.

Law enforcement and judicial co-operation
We must maintain maximum cooperation to ensure criminals are pursued quickly and effectively.

Protection of Erasmus, investment in our universities and research networks
We should do everything we can to protect Erasmus, as well as other EU funded schemes increasing opportunities for young people. We will campaign to sustain the levels of investment in UK universities and their associated research networks.

Travel and tourism
We must make every effort to ensure that we retain ‘soft’ traveller benefits such as the European Health Insurance Card, reduced roaming charges and pet passports.

British industries
The City of London must retain full rights in EU financial markets. We must also protect the support provided by the European Union to domestic industries such as farming, tourism and the creative industries, as well as regional support for deprived areas.

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