David Lee EU smWednesday was a good day for democracy. The government cannot abuse our ancient constitution and remove our rights without parliament’s agreement. In its ruling the Supreme Court is not trying to stop Brexit, but requiring the government to seek the approval of parliament before triggering article 50.

tim farron 1Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has written to Jeremy Corbyn to call on him to clear up ‘once and for all’ his party’s position on Article 50.

tim art 50

tim farron 2Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has criticised the Prime Minister for declaring that she is taking Britain out of the Single Market and denying the British people a say on the final deal.

theresa may is wrong to leave single marketThe single market is absolutely essential to our economy, to jobs and to our businesses and it's incredible that Theresa May wants to leave it. Find out why here:

Nick Clegg's Brexit Challenge

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