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the people are soverignTim Farron: 'The Liberal Democrats will vote against Article 50 unless the British people are given a vote on the final Brexit deal'

This morning, I set out a red line on Article 50 and made clear that unless the government agrees to a referendum on the final Brexit deal, the party will vote against Article 50 in the House of Commons.

It's becoming increasingly clear that millions of people, like former Conservative MP Stephen Phillips, are deeply worried by the government's handling of Brexit.

Because the government is currently leading us towards a disastrous version of Brexit which risks jobs, communities, security and the economic health of the nation.

So my position is very clear: the Liberal Democrats believe that the people should have the final say.

They must decide whether or not they agree with the deal that the government reaches with Brussels and if that deal is right for them, their family and their country.

That means we must hold a referendum at the end of the negotiations where people can either vote for the deal or vote to remain in Europe.

We will vote against Article 50 unless it allows the people a vote on the deal.

You should have the final say on this.

This is not about re-running the last referendum. This is a new vote on Britain's place in Europe.

When people voted for a departure, they packed the sunglasses and flip-flops for the sunny destination promised by Leave campaigners. Now they are being told that the destination is the tundra.

The British public must be the ones who decide whether or not to board the plane.

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