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EU-UK-flagFormer Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has his party will try to amend legislation before Article 50 is triggered so the British public has a say on the final Brexit deal.

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Clegg said he would seek to amend the law to be brought forward by the government as a result of the recent High Court Brexit ruling to ensure that a "soft" rather than a "hard" EU departure is pursued.

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He added: "[We will] also amend the legislation to ensure that the people - just as much as they took the initial decision to leave the European Union - have a say on the final package, the final terms of our departure at the end of the negotiations."

Mr Clegg maintained that if Prime Minister Theresa May wants to keep on track with her timetable for triggering Article 50, she should not proceed with a supreme court appeal against the court ruling, which said parliament should have the final say on when formal EU divorce proceedings begin.

He said: "The court ruling of yesterday was very simple and very, very clear - which is that this government has no right to overturn centuries of tradition, which gives MPs and our sovereign parliament the right to scrutinise and vote on the plans of the government of the day."

Following the High Court ruling, Mrs May said she would call European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday to reassure leaders on the continent that the judgement will not derail her stated timetable for triggering Article 50.

Political analysts have speculated that Mrs May could be left with little choice but to hold an early general election following the High Court ruling.

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