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P1010529smHelen will be focusing on the Local Plan making sure there are enough homes built for the 1400 families on Tandridge’s waiting list and the hundreds of local young people who cannot afford to buy houses locally. But at the same time not putting more stress on our infrastructure and protecting local green spaces.

Every local authority has to have a local plan which sets out how any planning applications they will approve over the next 30 years. They need to balance the need for more homes along with government policy forcing more homes to be built and the available space we have along with green belt protection.

Helen says: “As the Tandridge Local Plan develops over the next few months it is important that we get the right balance of new homes for local families but not destroying the local area and its beauty. There are 3 main areas I will campaign on:
1- INFRASTRUCTURE. We cannot have more building without new sewers, roads and school places first.
2- GREEN SPACES. We must protect the green spaces, especially in built up areas.
3- No increase in DENSITY. We don’t want tower blocks here!”

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