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P1010472 smFour council by-elections were contested across England on the same night as Caterham Hill. They came with the neat simplicity of one defence each for Conservatives,  Labour, Liberal Democrats and UKIP. A neat simplicity of results too: all won by the Liberal Democrats in the party’s best council by-election night for a long time.

Congratulations to the Gosport team for quite some swing (54%!) in gaining a seat from Labour:
Over in Devon Lib Dems won beating UKIP going from zero last time to winning with 60% of the vote- pushing UKIP into a poor forth.
Finally, a stonking results in Maidstone which means that the minority Liberal Democrat administration on the council is now also the largest party:
Sal Brinton, President of the Liberal Democrats, said of the results:
“The Liberal Democrats, under Vince Cable, are winning seats up and down the country and against all opposition. Our local campaigning is second to none, and the hard work of Lib Dem councillors and activists is being recognised in surges of support in by-elections across the country.

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