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layla moranLiberal Democrat Shadow Education Secretary Layla Moran has asked an urgent question in Parliament following reports that the government's free childcare website has suffered from problems that have meant parents have been blocked from accessing free childcare

Commenting Layla Moran said:

"The Government's free childcare hours may be well intentioned, but they're no use if parents are simply not able to access them.

"With less than a week to go until the school term ends, many parents have still not been able to access the hours they are entitled to because the Government's website is hopelessly complex and bureaucratic.

"If they don't fix this as a matter of urgency the sad truth is that parents who are struggling to make ends meet, will miss out on this vital support, and nurseries and other providers won't be able to plan or budget properly for the coming year.

"The government seem to not fully understand the frustrations of people struggling with the system. The minister has revealed that he has instead chosen to ignore them."

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