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simonIn order to help address the substantial budget shortfall caused by ongoing Government cuts to local government, the Tandridge Tory administration had decided to initiate a programme of selling council property to raise £2milion a year, which would be invested to generate income. However at a meeting of the Resources Committee on 7 February this programme was withdrawn mainly due to opposition to the sale of many of the sites proposed, which included parks, car parks and allotments.

Councillor Simon Morrow observed: “the LibDem group told the Tories at the outset that this scheme was neither realistic nor desirable; and that the Council should be looking after these important community assets not trying to sell them. I am very pleased that the idea has now been abandoned”.
The Council has now decided to pursue a major programme of property investment in an attempt to generate substantial extra income, and it remains to be seen whether this will be successful

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