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tax-cut-PictureEveryone knows that the last few years have been difficult for families up and down the country. People are feeling the pinch after the greatest economic crisis to hit our country in a generation.

It's important to get our country's books balanced again, but it's vital that this is done fairly. This is why the Lib Dems have forced the Conservatives to raise the Income Tax threshold, which has given hard-working people across the country an £800 tax cut. This is even more than the Lib Dems promised at the General Election in 2010!

But the Liberal Democrats want to go much further – raising the tax cut even higher to £1,200. This will allow families to spend the money however they like, by putting it back in their pocket.

Over 25 million people across the country have had an £800 tax cut and over 3 million people have been taken out of tax altogether, including 1.8 million women.

The Lib Dems want to go further and take almost another million workers out of tax altogether, while the Conservatives would focus on tax cuts for big business and the super-rich.

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