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family-pictureThe Liberal Democrats have always believed that the first few years of people's lives are crucial in helping them achieve their full potential in later life.

That's why they have given 15 hours of free early years education to all 3-4 year olds and 40% of two year olds and free school meals have been introduced for all infant school children, to boost attainment and help parents with the cost of living.

They've also put more than £5.5 billion into schools specifically targeted at those pupils that need the most help. The Lib Dem 'Pupil Premium' is ensuring every child has the opportunity to get on in life irrespective of their background. The Lib Dem plan for education over the next 5 years stretches from cradle to college. High quality early years education, a qualified teacher in every classroom and more money targeted to the children most likely to fall behind.

Lib Dem Schools Minister David Laws said, "Unlike the Conservatives and Labour, the Liberal Democrats are committed to protecting cradle to college education spending.
"Education is a real investment – good for growth and essential for creating a fairer society and opportunity for all."

In contrast to the Lib Dem plan, research has revealed that the Conservatives' plans for faster and deeper cuts after the election could result in the education budget being slashed by up to £5 billion – putting schools, nurseries and colleges under threat.

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