Well done to LibDem campaigner Perry Chotai for presenting the petition from Sunnybank residents to reinstall traffic calming and a 20mph speed limit in Sunnybank to the Surrey Tandridge Local Committee on 3 December

Disappointing that Tory councillors responded to it by attacking Councillor Morrow for bringing the petition to a public forum for proper registration and debate rather than just asking the county councillor to pursue the issue informally with the Highways Department.
Cllr Morrow said : “Surrey Highways are always reluctant to spend money on traffic calming and will do what they can to avoid doing so. On Sunnybank they even opposed using the new mobile VAS sign obtained by the Parish Council in the road for reasons that are not clear to me. It was vital to prove to Surrey by raising the petition that the overwhelming majority of Sunnybank residents now support traffic calming and that they should therefore take the request seriously. I was pleased the Committee agreed to investigate the issue further and report back to the next meeting but it will be important to keep the pressure on to ensure a proper resolution of this critical issue is implemented”

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