Street lights go out across Tandridge

streetlightThe ruling Conservative administration agreed proposals that would see 44,000 lights switched off between midnight and 5am.Residents of Tandridge are rightly worried about safety as the lights go out across the district.

Lib Dems launch petition against 15% Tory council tax increase

tory tax bombshell 1Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have today launched a petition against the 15% increase in council tax being proposed by the Conservative administration, the largest in the country and 9 times the rate of inflation.

Lib Dems will vote against Article 50 unless the people are given their say on the final deal

tim art 50

11 reasons Theresa May is wrong to want to leave the single market

theresa may is wrong to leave single marketThe single market is absolutely essential to our economy, to jobs and to our businesses and it's incredible that Theresa May wants to leave it. Find out why here:

David Lee sets out action required to resolve the Southern Strike.

station concernAll across East Surrey this week, the strikes on Southern Rail have meant that the cost to businesses will be in the millions, everyday routines such as getting to school or appointments will have been disrupted and thousands of commuters will not have been able to get to work.