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P1020752 sm adjThis weekend local Liberal Democrat Councillors Dorinda Cooper and Alun Jones hosted a street stall in Caterham Valley to inform residents of the controversial Church Walk planning application.

P1020790 smCllr Dorinda Cooper says “We thought we would do this, as not everyone will know where to find the plans or how to comments on them. It is quite difficult if you don’t know where to look."

Dorinda goes on to say: “Residents had strong views about demolishing almost all of the building on Station Avenue. They were also surprised at the height of the building which at 5 storeys will tower over anything else in Caterham Valley”

The consultation is open until 3rd March and both Councillors are urging residents to submit their comments to make sure their views are heard. The application can be found on the Tandridge website by searching for application number 2019/145

The application is expected to be determined at a Tandridge District Council planning committee in April.

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