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P1010814 smCllr Alun Jones and Cllr Chris Botten have given the proposed Caterham Masterplan a "B-" at Tandridge Planning Policy committee, saying it "could do better" highlighting two gaping holes in the approach: fixing flooding and fixing parking.

Local resident Annette Evans said, "This plan has come a long way, but is still not going to deliver the full improvements to Caterham that we need."

Both Councillors welcomed investment and improvement to the town centres in both the Valley and the Hill, highlighting the hard work that has been completed by the officers, however they felt there were still key issues around flooding and parking that had not been properly addressed.

Cllr Chris Botten spoke out on the flooding issues that the Hill has suffered. He said “The Atkins report from Surrey County Council following the 2016 flooding has still not been published. The road adjacent to the Golden Lion pub is a known flood zone, but there is no mitigation in place to prevent flooding happening again. How could I support a plan that doesn’t address the biggest issue we face on the Hill?”

Cllr Alun Jones says “Proposals for Church walk have recently been published onlineand show plans for almost 200 flats on Church Walk and only 97 parking spaces. Caterham is blighted by problem Parking and I don’t think the plan goes far enough to safeguard against over development without sufficient parking”

Local resident Annette Evans who is standing in the upcoming election to represent Harestone Ward says “When I am out on the door step, everyone supports improvements to the Town Centre as do I, but it needs to be done whilst addressing the key issues in the town. The plan in its current form doesn’t do that”

Both Councillors voted against the adoption of the plan in its current form requesting further work to address the concerns raised by the public, however they were outvoted.

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