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Dorinda Cooper is hoping to follow on from hard-working local Liberal Democrat Jill Caudle who has resigned as Valley District Councillor.

Dorinda Cooper knows Caterham Valley well saying, “In 2011 I was fortunate enough to make my home in Caterham Valley, in a town with a wonderful sense of community and pride that welcomed me so warmly to the local area.”

Following on from Jill who worked hard representing Caterham Valley for 16 years is going to be “a tough act to follow” says Dorinda Cooper.

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She continues, “I chose to run for district councillor because too often the genuine concerns of the local community seem to go unheard as other interests dominate the decision-making process. I want to challenge the people who feel they know what is best for our community but who do not consider the impact on local residents.”

The by-election will be held on Thursday 24th November. Dorinda Cooper says if elected, “I want to use my voice to represent the unheard.”

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