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Dorinda CooperCaterham Resident Dorinda Cooper will stand to be the Lib Dem Candidate in the Caterham Valley By-election.

Dorinda Cooper is a young local campaigner from Caterham Valley who lives in Godstone Road. She works as a medical writer and will be a fantastic member of the hardworking local team.

Dorinda Cooper is going to campaign on the parking issues we face in Caterham. She is very concerned about the Conservative's Local Plan to build many more houses in our area she will work hard to stop over development in Caterham Valley while making sure we have enough homes for our young people and families. She wants to protect our green spaces especially the small parks and green hillsides of our valley.

Retiring councillor Jill Caudle says, "Dorinda will be fantastic councillor for Caterham Valley bringing fresh insight and energy to the team. She will work well with Cllr Alun Jones. I hope you will support her in the election"


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