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Simon02 croppedWarlingham is facing a number of threats to its public services at the current time, as the cash-strapped Surrey County Council looks around to save yet more money.

Our Dump in Bond Road is again threatened with closure, our Children’s Centre in Tithepit Shaw Lane likewise, and the level of central support to our Community Library is being substantially reduced. At the same time the County Council is proposing to move Warlingham Village School in the face of much local opposition and has failed to adequately explain why this is necessary.

Warlingham, Chelsham, Farleigh, Tatsfield, and Woldingham need a county councillor who really understands the area and its needs, and will work to protect its services.

Charles Lister has lived in the centre of Warlingham for over thirty years, is a very active member of Warlingham Parish Council knowing the local issues, and has great experience in the area of health and caring services. I believe he will be an excellent county councillor for our area and I ask you to vote for him on January 31st.

Simon Morrow

District Councillor for Warlingham East, Chelsham, and Farleigh

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