In the next five years, Britain needs Liberal voices standing up for our place in Europe, for our civil liberties, for human rights and for an open, tolerant and united Britain.

Will you be part of what comes next and join us today?

LISTER PETITION SMI am standing for election to Surrey County Council because, as a long-term resident, I’m angry about what’s happening to Warlingham.

Every year we see new threats to our services which are deeply harmful to the community. Currently, there are plans to close our recycling centre and the Sure Start children’s centre. This is on top of turning the street lights off late at night and the continuing uncertainties over our library services.

Surrey County Council are also yet to justify the proposed move of Warlingham Village Primary School, probably because it makes little sense.

It‘s hard to escape the feeling that we are paying the price for serious incompetence and bad decision making by the current Tory administration.

If elected, I will ensure there is a voice at Surrey County Council speaking up for Warlingham and truly representing this community. Electing me will also strengthen the LibDem opposition in County Hall and send an important message to the Tory administration that they should seriously re-think their policies.

I look forward to your support.

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