warlingham tip petitionCharles Lister and Warlingham Liberal Democrats are leading the fight again to save the Dump in Bond Road and have submitted petitions on line and on paper with over 500 signatures opposing the closure.

kids2Children’s Centres like the one in Tithepit Shaw Lane offer vital support to parents with young children.

charles SMCharles has lived in Warlingham since the mid-1980s. He was elected to Warlingham Parish Council in August 2017 and is a member of the planning committee. He is also on the Warlingham Remembrance Day committee and is a Blanchman’s Farm volunteer.

Simon02 croppedWarlingham is facing a number of threats to its public services at the current time, as the cash-strapped Surrey County Council looks around to save yet more money.

LISTER PETITION SMI am standing for election to Surrey County Council because, as a long-term resident, I’m angry about what’s happening to Warlingham.