Increase Recycling Centre Open Times...
...and allow walk in rubbish


We demand that Surrey County Council listen to local residents and increase the opening hours of both Warlingham and Caterham Tips and allow local residents to walk their filled wheelbarrows to the tip without needing to use their car!


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Residents have become increasingly frustrated by the long queues outside the recycling centres on Bond Road, Warlingham and Chaldon Road, Caterham.

Cllr Celia Caulcott says, “The local tips’ opening hours have been cut back so that when they are open, there are long queues of cars waiting to get in.”

Cllr Kerry Mansfield agrees adding, “Surrey County Council have also stopped people who live nearby from walking in their rubbish as they always have. This adds to more unnecessary traffic”

The Council has cut back opening hours and threatened both centres with closure in the past. But every cut back is short sighted.

Cllr Alun Jones says, “If residents cannot use the local tips, then they are forced to either try and cram it into their already full bin, or find some other way of getting rid of their recycling”

There has been an increase in both illegal bonfires and flytipping locally.


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