Liberal Democrat Councillors have strongly criticised Conservative-run Surrey County Council for agreeing to hike adult social care charges by over Personal Independence Payment disabled elderly Surrey£1m for disabled and vulnerable residents. The new charges, due to take effect from 3rd October 2016, have been pushed through by the Conservative-run Council, despite a consultation which showed strong opposition to the plans by residents and disability groups. 

Fly-tipping is a menace - rubbish dumped in parks, alleys and lanes as well as on private property.

P1000771 SMAcross Tandridge it has been increasing. Now there are on average 4 instances that Tandridge council have to clear up every day. Last year this cost £51,700 (£21,200 over budget) of your money.

Cllr Alun Jones says, “this cost is born by Tandridge any savings made by Surrey cutting the recycling centres will cost 

es inability to think things through and see the consequences of their actions.Tandridge more to clear it up!”
Cllr David Lee says, “this shows the Conservatives inability to think things through and see the consequences of
their actions.”

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We have only two small local community recycling centres - Bond Rd, Warlingham and Chaldon Rd, Caterham on the Hill.

Conservative run Surrey have already made thefollowing changes:

  • Ÿ Cut opening hours by 1 hour a day
  • Ÿ Cut opening days closing Chaldon Rd Wednesdays and Bond Rd Sundays and Mondays
  • Ÿ Cut what can be recycled locally - any building waste must go to Earlswood or Epsom

Now the Tories running Surrey are going to charge to recycle domestic building materials from £4 a bag to £50 a car load.
Cllr Alun Jones of Caterham Valley says, “This is madness. It is important we make it easy for people to do the right thing. If you clear up a few rocks from your garden, you must now take it to Earlswood and be charged!”