teresa mayThis week's Conservative party conference confirmed one thing - the nasty party is back.
Theresa May talked a lot about helping ordinary working people, yet she said nothing about reversing the most damaging legacies of her predecessor since last May.

The Liberal Democrats have set out three things Theresa May should do to live up to her rhetoric: abandoning the cap on public sector pay, reversing cuts to universal credit and reversing the tax hike on insurance.

Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have revealed almost £67m of public money has been spent on buying properties outside the county, using a council-owned property company called Halsey Garton Property Limited. The properties purchased with funding from the Conservative-run Council were mainly warehouses situated in locations such as Wiltshire, Bristol, Worksop and Salford. The most expensive acquisition was an office in Bristol, at the cost of just under £20m. 

Warlingham LibDems are celebrating their best result in Warlingham West since 1996, with Celia Caulcott winning 34% of the vote and turning the seat into a marginal.
The result was:
Conservatives 367 (56%)
Liberal Democrats (Celia Caulcott) 218 (34%)
UKIP 64 (10%)
Celia Caulcott said: ”I am delighted with the result in Warlingham West and reducing the Tory majority from 375 to 149. I believe this reflects resident concerns at the threat posed by the Local Plan process and the potential for the new housing required in Tandridge to be met by dense development in the North of the District, as well as support for local LibDem achievements in working for the local community and the frustration of many at the result of the Referendum”.