Enough is enough. Conservative MPs must stand up against sewage dumping!

We’re calling out Conservative MPs that voted in favour of dumping sewage into rivers.

Rivers should be safe for swimming, fishing and sustaining wildlife. They are a precious source of drinking water for some. So why are they filled with raw sewage and human waste, destroying them for decades to come?

Shockingly, water companies pumped polluting and harmful raw sewage into water sources over 400,000 times last year. The River Trust has revealed that more than half of England’s rivers are currently failing to pass cleanliness tests due to water companies’ actions.

After 20 years of Conservative rule have now finished, Tandridge Council voted to exempt all young people leaving care from paying council tax.
Cllr Jeffrey Gray says, “We tried to get the old Conservative administration to agree to the change, but they flat refused. Last month I spoke privately to the new administration and today we passed a motion to do what we can to help Tandridge’s young people in most need.”

Increase Recycling Centre Open Times...
...and allow walk in rubbish


We demand that Surrey County Council listen to local residents and increase the opening hours of both Warlingham and Caterham Tips and allow local residents to walk their filled wheelbarrows to the tip without needing to use their car!


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