Sarah Olney at WestminsterSpeaking at the count following her shock victory in the Richmond Park by-election, newly elected MP Sarah Olney said:

A Liberal Democrat county councillor in Surrey has received an astonishing letter from the government suggesting that residents can take Conservative-run Surrey County Council to the High Court over its unpopular Tory Tip Tax.

Headline Debate from Last Night's Full Council Meeting - Housing Need vs Green Land Protection

carolineCllr Caroline Warner writes:
The heated debates that have been raging on line about the Local Plan over the past months were articulated pretty clearly I thought in last night's Council Meeting. I'll try to boil it down.
On one hand, we need housing desperately. It is now the case that a family would need to earn not far off a 6 figure income in order to be able to afford to buy any house in Tandridge. This means that key workers and younger people are pretty much priced out wholesale. Population growth is a fact of life (as we're all living much longer) so unless we are prepared to become a community with only very elderly people living here, and not enough working age people to look after them, we are going to have to make room somewhere for the next generation.