In the next five years, Britain needs Liberal voices standing up for our place in Europe, for our civil liberties, for human rights and for an open, tolerant and united Britain.

Will you be part of what comes next and join us today?

David Lee EU sm croppedThis Thursday, the people of Whyteleafe, Valley and Harestone have the opportunity to vote for a County Councillor to represent them at Surrey County Council. I want to be that person.

For well over a year I have been out talking to people and listening to their concerns. People are shocked at what has been happening at Conservative-run County Hall.

I want to be your councillor to hold the administration to account. We are the official opposition. The more of us there are, the more we can hold the administration to account. County Hall really doesn’t need another complacent Conservative.

Based on the District Council election last year, we are only 60 votes behind the Conservatives. It is so close here. Everyone says that it is only the Conservatives that win around here, but that isn’t true. We currently have 3 of the 6 District Councillors in the area. If you vote for me, your vote will not be wasted.

If I win, I promise to:

  • Keep in touch, and not just at election time
  • Deal with issues with honesty and integrity
  • Set up a local surgery for local residents working with District and Parish Councillors of all parties
  • Fight to ensure the basics like clearing the drains are completed
  • Fight the proposed cuts to our schools - they will mean we will lose up to 88 teachers from our schools in Tandridge by 2019
  • Work with the Whytleafe Flood Forum to ensure cross agency working to mitigate the risks of flooding
  • Champion our local issues at County Hall

A vote for me this Thursday will result in a hard-working local councillor accountable to you.

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