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dave wilkesDave Wilkes of Dormansland has been selected by the Liberal Democrats to contest the Lingfield division seat in the upcoming County Council Elections on May 4th. Dave settled in Dormansland 11 years ago with his family. In the late 70’s he spent time working overseas in Iran and Turkey. His background is IT Development specialising in circulation and distribution systems for newspapers. Dave has worked for both the Independent and the Financial Times.He is involved in the local community through being a committee member of the Victoria Sports and Social Club and the Lingfield Running Club.

Dave says, “We need to be on our guard against potentially damaging changes to our countryside and be prepared to stand against any badly thought-through scheme.The Lingfield pinch-point scheme was pushed through by the Tory dominated Council despite logical arguments put forward by local residents. The fixation with pinch-points is now scheduled to be pushed through in Dormansland High Street ignoring some very obvious pitfalls with the argument that it is the only traffic calming measure for which funds are available”

Dave goes on to say, “The education – not just in the academic sense - of all our young people is of the utmost importance. It is the single most important investment the Country can make. It is not an area where you should consider cuts to funding as is being proposed under the new Tory funding model”

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