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Charles Lister 2 smCharles Lister has been unanimously selected by the Warlingham Liberal Democrat branch to contest the seat of the Warlingham Division in the upcoming County Council elections. Charles will be standing against the incumbent Caterham resident and Conservative leader of the County Council, David Hodge.

Charles has lived in Warlingham for 30 years and has a distinguished career in the public health sector including ensuring a safe blood supply for the NHS and regulation of the fertility sector. Charles was awarded an OBE for services to the safety of blood in 2003. In addition to this, his work in the voluntary sector includes being a trustee at Age UK and chair of the National Gamete Donation Trust whose aim is to help people navigate through fertility issues whether as a donor or recipient. Charles says, “It has been an honour to be selected to stand. I will work to change the culture of secret deals at County Hall if I win. The Tory-run County Council needs to be more open about how it does business.

”The Tories are not capable of running Surrey and David Hodge as Leader needs to be held accountable for this. They are claiming poverty and that cuts of £123 million are needed, but this year they have spent £106 million of taxpayers money on shopping centres and offices in places like Bristol and Loughborough, spent over £1.1m since 2011 on Surrey Matters Magazine and over £400,000 on management consultants.”

Charles goes on to say, “My background helps me to understand the issues facing social care. Being involved at the coal face has made me understand that a different approach is needed. Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesman advocates the joining of both Health and Social care. This is a cross party approach,but is not yet supported by Surrey Tories. We need more voices advocating this at a County Council level and not more complacent Tories.”

Simon Morrow, Local Liberal Democrat District Councillor says “Charles is a great asset to the team, and he would make an excellent County Councillor. Warlingham is his home. He knows what is important to people in the area. We need more people like him at County Hall to challenge the huge amount of waste and to speak up for those who need it the most."

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