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simonTandridge Council has extended the whole Local Plan process in order to do a separate consultation on the sites being put forward by landowners for development in order to meet housing need. Most of these sites in Warlingham were in the previous consultation, but they have now been subject to detailed analysis to see how well they meet Green Belt objectives and contribute to the landscape and ecology.

Councillor Simon Morrow said, “I am very pleased to report that the main Kennel Farm fields site has been assessed as unsuitable for development, but some individual fields along Chelsham Road are still at risk as is land behind Boxwood Way and adjacent to Farm Road. These sites are important to the environment and setting of Warlingham and it is vital that residents let the Council know their views on them and the other sites proposed before the consultation closing date of 30 December. The documents are available in the Library and on the Tandridge website and there will be a drop-in session at the Church Hall on November 29th from 2 till 7:30pm”.
The consultation includes options for meeting much of the housing need by a major extension of a village in the South of the District: the options are assessed as being in sustainable locations where there will be no unacceptable impact on landscape, countryside or village character and would include the provision of necessary supporting infrastructure. This strategy is supported by the Liberal Democrats as it would preserve the environment and character of the much more densely populated North of the District as well as avoiding overloading its infrastructure.

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