tim farron 1Farage's victory has become the Government's agenda. Theresa May has confirmed today that we are going for a 'Hard Brexit'. This is what it means for you, your family and friends:

Two weeks ago, Jeremy Corbyn suggested Britain should give up its membership of the EU’s Single Market - a position he shares with only the most hardcore Brexiteers.

The single market means it as easy to trade between London and Berlin as it is between Edinburgh and London. Within the Single Market, goods, people, services and capital can move freely, meaning there’s no lengthy customs checks, borders to cross and goods can move freely and cheaply.

Giving up our membership of the Single Market would be catastrophic for our economy and put millions of people’s livelihoods at risk. Even if we agreed a deal to allow access to the Single Market it would mean less investment, fewer jobs and no say over the laws that government our access, compared to remaining fully-fledged members.

nick clegg EU referendum BREXIT Lib DemNick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister and now the Liberal Democrats’ spokesman on Europe, said this morning the Conservatives were facing “paralysis” as the party tried to reconcile different priorities.

“That is why they find themselves up this Brexit creek – never mind they don’t have a paddle; they don’t have a canoe, they don’t have a map, they have absolutely no clue whatsoever,” he told the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton this morning.

The Liberal Democrats are today launching a National Consultation exercise on the impact of Brexit on local communities.

All Lib Dem parliamentary candidates will contact businesses, health and educational institutions and civil society organisations in their constituencies to discuss their Brexit concerns.

david leeThe 24,251 people in Tandridge and 48% nationwide voted to remain in the European Union in the IN/OUT referendum called by the Conservative Party. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that represents the 48%. We believe that working with our partners in Europe not fighting to leave them is the best way to peace, security and prosperity.
In the immediate aftermath of this seismic decision, the country’s economic and political fabric has been torn. The economy is in turmoil, both major parties are fragmented, the far right believes that it now has a mandate for racism and many of the pledges that Leave campaign stood upon look undeliverable. Already, prominent Brexiteers have backtracked on promises to reduce immigration, tighten border control and divert £350m a week from the EU to the NHS.

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