Former deputy PM urges Theresa May not to bow to pressure to quit Europol agency

NICK-CLEGG-facebookTheresa May will be seen as “soft on terrorism and organised crime” unless she signs the UK up to continued membership of Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, warns the former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

NickClegg2210aDear Theresa,

It was your choice. You could have chosen differently. You could have said this to the party faithful at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham: “I will deliver Brexit. I will be faithful to the mandate given to us by the British people. I will heed their anxieties about immigration and I will act so that we have more control about who comes in and out of our country. But, friends, I must tell you candidly that I will not act in a way which will jeopardise the open, dynamic economy upon which our great trading economy relies.


Speaking in today's Brexit debate in the House of Commons, Liberal Democrat European Union spokesperson Nick Clegg commented:

“The Conservatives are reinventing history and ignoring precedent.

"They say there was an overwhelming majority, but clearly it was relatively close.

"They claim to have a telepathic ability to know exactly why over 17 million voted Leave, and that all those reasons are the same.

imageSince May 2015, the Conservatives have been undermining British businesses, from Brexit to renewables, here's 8 reasons the Conservatives are no longer the party of business. Click on Boris to read more

nick speakingIf you pay £16,500 you can have an advert on the canvas bags or lanyards issued to delegates. If you want an exhibition stand in a plum spot you’ll pay anything up to £27,500. And, according to press reports, you’ll need to cough up more than £3,000 to rub shoulders very briefly over lunch with national luminaries such as Liam Fox, Chris Grayling or even Theresa May herself.
Welcome to the great love-in between British business and theConservative Party, which will be on ample — and expensive — display this week at the party conference in Birmingham.
I do not disapprove of businesses paying to participate in party conference events — indeed, I encouraged it when I was leader of my own party. Nor do I begrudge the Conservatives for raising their price tag to get as much into their party coffers as possible. As long as we’re stuck with our opaque party funding rules — the reform of which has been repeatedly blocked by both the Conservative and Labour parties — it’s just the way of the world.
No, my big query about the huge financial donations provided by British businesses to the Conservative Party is not based on sanctimony but simply this: why are businesses supporting a party which now poses such a serious threat to the long-term health of the British economy?

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