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David Lee EU smWednesday was a good day for democracy. The government cannot abuse our ancient constitution and remove our rights without parliament’s agreement. In its ruling the Supreme Court is not trying to stop Brexit, but requiring the government to seek the approval of parliament before triggering article 50.

David Lee, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for East Surrey says “I’m pleased that the Supreme Court has found in favour of parliamentary scrutiny of triggering the process by which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. For such a major journey that we are embarking on, it is right that our elected representatives scrutinise what is proposed.

People voted for the departure for so many different reasons, but with many different destinations in mind. There are many versions of Brexit and many decisions that need to be made: what will our trade relationship with the single market be? How will our banking sector work? What will our future environmental protection be? Will our young people be able to work and study overseas? We believe that following the exit negotiations the people of the UK are entitled to a vote on the final terms by which we will leave the European Union, when people know the facts on what Brexit really means to them.

I am calling on Sam Giymah to support a second referendum in parliament on the terms negotiated. Sam campaigned to remain in the EU, and he now needs to speak for everyone in the District. The 47% who voted remain here in Tandridge cannot be forgotten. Theresa May should be able to negotiate, but only if people have a say on her terms.

We do not support a Hard Brexit, but compromise needs to be found between those who did vote to leave, and those who voted to remain.

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