In the next five years, Britain needs Liberal voices standing up for our place in Europe, for our civil liberties, for human rights and for an open, tolerant and united Britain.

Will you be part of what comes next and join us today?

eu belongs to the ukAs the pound crashes, inflation start to increase and many firms plan to move operations abroad, the consequences of the vote to Leave the EU are beginning to emerge. No wonder millions of people are worried about what the future holds.

LibDem leader Tim Farron says: “We respect the result of the Referendum but it doesn’t change our values or our belief that Britain is better off in Europe”.

tim farron antony hook U WarlinghamDavid Lee said: “The Conservatives have crashed the economy and Labour are too busy fighting each other to fight for you. The LibDems believe it is essential for our prosperity that Britain stays in the Single Market and that, once BREXIT negotiations are complete, the people have their chance to vote on the outcome”.

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