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The Liberal Democrats are today launching a National Consultation exercise on the impact of Brexit on local communities.

All Lib Dem parliamentary candidates will contact businesses, health and educational institutions and civil society organisations in their constituencies to discuss their Brexit concerns.

Launching the initiative Dick Newby, Lib Dem Leader in the Lords, said:

"This Tory Brexit Government are clearly floundering as they try to get to grip with the multitude of difficulties that leaving the EU presents. While the Government thrashes about, we will be talking to ordinary people up and down the country to understand their concerns.

"Every sector of society is going to be affected by Brexit. We want to hear from people right across the country about how it will impact on their businesses, their jobs, their daily lives. How would restrictions on free movement affect your local hospital? What will losing European research grants mean for jobs in your local university?

"We will challenge the Government at every opportunity to hold them to account for the real damage that Brexit will do to individuals right across the country, and fight to keep Britain open, tolerant and united."

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