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david leeThe 24,251 people in Tandridge and 48% nationwide voted to remain in the European Union in the IN/OUT referendum called by the Conservative Party. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that represents the 48%. We believe that working with our partners in Europe not fighting to leave them is the best way to peace, security and prosperity.
In the immediate aftermath of this seismic decision, the country’s economic and political fabric has been torn. The economy is in turmoil, both major parties are fragmented, the far right believes that it now has a mandate for racism and many of the pledges that Leave campaign stood upon look undeliverable. Already, prominent Brexiteers have backtracked on promises to reduce immigration, tighten border control and divert £350m a week from the EU to the NHS.

Most worryingly of all racist crimes have increased by 57% in the 4 days following the referendum. There is no place in British society for intolerance and we condemn these attacks wholeheartedly.
We are hearing from many local residents who voted Leave and who are very upset that they were sold a false prospectus by irresponsible politicians and are furious that the far right are hijacking their votes.
While we Liberal Democrats worked hard campaigning to Remain in the EU, we recognise the result and want to offer open channels of communication to anyone in the community who voted to Remain and feel despairing, to anyone who voted Leave and feels regretful and anyone who voted Leave because they feel angry with how things are locally and want to see change. That is our open-handed offer. We are listening.
In a time when the other parties are offering little in the way of leadership having a unified group of local politicians working closely with residents is vital. If the economy does not bounce back, jobs will be lost and businesses will be damaged. We want to hear from anyone who is worried so that we can offer support where possible.
David Lee, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for East Surrey and local Councillor for Whyteleafe says: “The Liberal Democrats are a very experienced, calm headed and unified party. We have some very strong local politicians and we want to work with the people of Tandridge to ensure that our quality of life is protected in these turbulent times. We are especially concerned that Local Authority budgets will be further slashed in any emergency budget and will need to redouble our efforts to fight for much needed improvements to infrastructure all over our area.”

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