ballot boxTandridge District Council is elected by thirds. A third of councillors are elected every year over a four year period. In year four, Surrey County Council elect all their councillors in one go.

In 2021, due to COVID-19 causing elections to be postponed from 2020, a third of District Council seats (and three vacant seats) were elected at the same time as the County Council. Those elected for District Council will serve a three year term to bring the electoral cycle back on track. Those winning by-election seats will serve out  the term of office of their predecessor.



Did you know?

Highest recycling rates are led by Lib Dem Councils

A report released in March shows that four of the top five local authorities with the highest recycling rates are led by Liberal Democrats.

The top spot was taken by the Liberal Democrat-led Three Rivers District Council in Hertfordshire where 64.1% of household waste was reused, recycled or composted.