The Liberal Democrats have called on Boris Johnson to personally apologise to the Queen and resign.

It comes following reports that Number 10 parties were held in Downing Street on April 16 2021, the day before the Queen attended Prince Philip’s funeral alone.

Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said:

“Boris Johnson should apologise personally to the Queen for the offence he’s caused her and millions around the country mourning for loved ones. He should also use that opportunity to officially hand in his resignation.

“The non-apology we heard from Boris Johnson in Parliament this week was an insult to all those who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic. It showed he isn’t sorry, he’s just sorry he got caught.

“Now is the time for Boris Johnson to finally do the right thing and admit he’s no longer fit to lead the country. We can’t afford to have a Prime Minister who has lost all credibility and moral authority in the middle of a pandemic.”

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