After 20 years of Conservative rule have now finished, Tandridge Council voted to exempt all young people leaving care from paying council tax.
Cllr Jeffrey Gray says, “We tried to get the old Conservative administration to agree to the change, but they flat refused. Last month I spoke privately to the new administration and today we passed a motion to do what we can to help Tandridge’s young people in most need.”

Young people who have been in care and looked after in Tandridge will now be completely exempt from council tax until they are 24 years old. Nearly all other council across Surrey exempt Care Leavers from Council Tax, Tandridge is one of the only councils not to when the Conservatives were in charge.
Jeffrey adds, “This change will have a small impact of Tandridge, but a huge impact on the young people concerned. People leaving care don’t have the family support that other young people starting adulthood do, I am so pleased that Tandridge Councillors agreed do something now the Conservatives are no longer in power.”

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