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Tandridge District Council's Strategy and Resources meeting conducted a debate concerning the labelling of councillors as being part of political group who don’t want to be called a group.

Some independent councillors in the south of the Tandridge district do not want the public to know that they have joined a political group at Tandridge council. Political groups enable councillors to secure positions on committees.

The debate descended into farce as the Conservative administration were surprisingly aggressive attacking the OLRG Independents for their behaviour and tactics in elections. To top it all, the OLRG councillors whose organisation is listed with the electoral commission as a political group were upset that they couldn’t be listed as independent!

Lib Dem Councillor Chris Botten said, “I have always believed we should conduct the business of being councillors and public servants transparently to build trust with the public. Not declaring your group membership would be counter to this principle”.

Local Lib Dems supported the motion that group names are listed on the council website successfully because transparency is very important, residents have a right to know if their councillor is truly unaligned and independent or part of a political group.

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