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warlingham tip petitionOver two thousand residents have signed a Liberal Democrat petition against Surrey County Council's proposals to close the popular and well-used Community Recycling Centre (CRC) in Warlingham. The County Council is also planning to reduce the opening hours of all the remaining CRCs, as well as scrapping the daily free waste allowance in order to save £2m from its budget.

Charles Lister said: "Right now, we are experiencing shortsighted cuts imposed by Tory-controlled Surrey County Council, with street lighting turned off at night and the Bond Road tip under threat of closure."


Cllr Stephen Cooksey, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the Environment, said:
"I am pleased that so many residents have signed our petition and also made their feelings known to the County Council via its online consultation, and I urge those who have not done so to fill in both. Like us, many residents are concerned that fly-tipping will increase as a result of these proposals, which would then lead to extra costs in clearing dumped rubbish, as well as further damage to the environment. Furthermore residents will be forced to travel longer to sites further away, which is both inconvenient and increases vehicle pollution. Community Recycling Centres in Surrey are well-used and highly regarded by residents and I urge the Conservative Cabinet member to take heed of the public reaction to this petition and the consultation, and reject the changes that have been proposed".

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