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ed daveyCommenting on the annual report of the Chief Inspector of Prisons, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Ed Davey said: "This report reveals the appalling state of our prisons - the worst we have seen in modern times. It highlights this Government’s inability to tackle rising levels of violence, self-harm and deaths." East Surrey's MP Sam Gymiah is a Junior Minister for Prisons and has not commented.


17 Gyimah Teri Pengilley

"What should alarm everybody is what the Inspector calls the ‘staggering’ decline of how we treat young people, they are the most vulnerable in our society and if we are unable to rehabilitate them in a safe environment then we are creating a vicious circle that fails them and ultimately fails us all.

"Instead of acting, this Conservative Government wants to sweep the problem under the carpet. It's ditched the prisons bill, downgraded investment and demoralised prison staff. Frankly this is criminal behaviour."

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