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17 Gyimah Teri PengilleyLiberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has responded to a damning report from the chief inspector of prisons that Guys Marsh jail in Dorset has failed to improve following a similarly highly critical report six months ago. East Surrey MP Sam Gyimiah is a junior Minister for Prisons.

Tim Farron said:

“That prisoners should be too scared to leave their cells is damning. The Justice Secretary must for once take proper notice of a report by the chief inspector and take personal charge of the situation.

“The prison knew six months earlier that it was to be inspected after a similarly devastating report, but the inspectors found it was still failing in almost every respect.

“A quarter of prisoners said they felt unsafe. That is completely unacceptable, and a culture of violence in prison tends to lead to a culture of violence in society outside when prisoners are later released.

“The government is starving prisons of resources, which is making it far harder for staff to help rehabilitate offenders. The conditions in a nation’s prisons provide an insight into that country’s civilisation, and by this score the Justice Secretary is failing badly.”

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