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VInce CablePlans to change business rates that will be an added burden on our small businesses while going easy on off-shore multi-national internet giants have been slammed by the Liberal Democrats.

Official figures show that in East Surrey area will see business rates rise by up to 2.9% on average, with some gaining, but with big losers having huge increases in their business rates.

Sam Giymah’s own website states that one of his key priorities is to “Support small businesses and support regeneration,” yet it is his party who is pushing this tax on our High Streets.

David Lee Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for East Surrey, said:

“I have been talking to local small businesses about this, and the feedback I am getting is that many are extremely worried. Against a backdrop of increased rents, challenges of getting customers into our key towns such as Caterham, Oxted, Warlingham, Lingfield and Horley due to poor parking management and competition from online retailers, many shops and small businesses are being punished by the Conservative government simply for committing to the economic life of their neighbourhoods.”

“Why should a local butcher face an increase that could threaten its entire business, yet Amazon’s giant warehouses enjoy a tax cut?”

David Lee has called for ministers to reform both business rates and corporation tax so firms will be taxed according to their ability to pay. David Lee added: “Vince Cable is chairing a commission for the Liberal Democrats to come up with a fair and effective system. The sad thing is that this was avoidable, but the Conservatives shelved a proposal from the Liberal Democrats during the last coalition government to reform the system.

If Sam Giymah really does mean what he says on his website, he should be supporting our local High Streets and calling for the government to think again!

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