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SCC broke elderlyToday at County Hall Surrey's Conservative Cabinet approved proposals for a 15% council tax rise, a referendum on the council tax on 4 May and cuts of £93 million to services in Surrey.

Councillor Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council said:
"The Conservative administration at County Hall is asking Surrey residents to pay more for less - an unreasonable and unaffordable 15% council tax increase and £93 million of unspecified cuts in council services.

"It is time for the Tories at County Hall to end their secrecy and to spill the beans about the £93 million of cuts which are coming down the pipeline. Councillors who have to vote on the County Council budget next week and Surrey residents who pay council tax and are served by the County Council should not be kept in the dark and have a right to know now about the cuts which are on the way.
"It is unreasonable to expect Councillors to vote on a budget without knowing what is to be cut, and Surrey residents who pay council tax have a right to know which services will be reduced or discontinued.

"Councillors and Surrey residents should not have to wait until March for details of the £93 million cuts to be revealed. This information is needed now, before the Budget is voted on next week. The cloak and dagger way in which the Conservative administration is managing the County Council Budget is not the way in which to run the County Council and does not serve the best interests of Surrey residents."

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