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tory tax bombshell 1Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have today launched a petition against the 15% increase in council tax being proposed by the Conservative administration, the largest in the country and 9 times the rate of inflation.

If approved, this unprecedented increase would trigger a county-wide referendum on the proposals, with voters going to the polls on the same day as the county council elections in May of this year. A yes vote would add a 15% increase a year to bills for Band D properties and would still result in millions of pounds worth of cuts to essential services. A no vote would result in even more damaging cuts which is why Liberal Democrats have consistently called for a more appropriate level of funding from central government to the county council to help avoid large cuts to vital services for Surrey residents.
Councillor Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council said today:
"Since the proposal was announced last week, there has been a public outcry across Surrey, opposing this steep rise. Signing the petition will send a message to the Conservative-run administration and central government that this rise is unfair, unaffordable and not the way in which to address a national crisis in the funding of adult social care. A national solution is required for adult social care in order to meet the growth in demand. Surrey residents should not have to pick up the bill for the Tory-run county council's financial mess".

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