In the next five years, Britain needs Liberal voices standing up for our place in Europe, for our civil liberties, for human rights and for an open, tolerant and united Britain.

Will you be part of what comes next and join us today?

Warlingham LibDems are celebrating their best result in Warlingham West since 1996, with Celia Caulcott winning 34% of the vote and turning the seat into a marginal.
The result was:
Conservatives 367 (56%)
Liberal Democrats (Celia Caulcott) 218 (34%)
UKIP 64 (10%)
Celia Caulcott said: ”I am delighted with the result in Warlingham West and reducing the Tory majority from 375 to 149. I believe this reflects resident concerns at the threat posed by the Local Plan process and the potential for the new housing required in Tandridge to be met by dense development in the North of the District, as well as support for local LibDem achievements in working for the local community and the frustration of many at the result of the Referendum”.

Since the Referendum up to 28 July there have been big swings to the Liberal Democrats in council by-elections across the country with the Party gaining 8 seats and holding the 2 it was defending, with gains from Tories, Labour. UKIP and Independents. No other party has made net gains. In addition the Party has seen a huge increase in its membership.
If you want to be part of the one united centre left party that is challenging the Tory government and fighting for internationalism, social justice and the environment while the Labour Party falls apart, join us!

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